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SPY July 6th, 2023

SPY  This steep sell off today followed by buying interest; closing back above the open price and key pivot points (intial resistance) telling me this up trend is well in tact and that stocks likely continue higher.

IWM June 7th, 2023

IWM 2020 -2023
Yesterday – Today
IWM  June 7th Descending triangle formation confirmed, breaking through upper resistance.
It would appear that the small cap stocks are ready to join this rally with tech

QQQ June 2nd, 2023

Tech stocks continue to lead. Other important indexes (see chart updates just below) this week showing good evidence of increased strength and are likely to bring more stocks higher, creating broader strength in the overall markets.  I expect we continue higher.


DIA DOW June 2nd, 2023

DIA A strong move for the DOW Friday. This bullish gap up, closing back above the 10, 20 and 50 day moving averages is telling. Well worth noting is the increased volume.

IWM June 2nd, 2023

IWM This bullish gap up today on small caps; pushing back above the 200 day moving average is telling me this could now start to turn into a more broad based rally. Indicating that stocks/market could now continue higher. I’m thinking it’s likely.

This shot taken live during market hours.  See EOD chart update just below

IWM EOD Chart update  A strong move indeed, with nice continuation on increased volume. Expecting higher.

ARKK June 1st, 2023

ARKK The 50 day moving average is now crossed above the 200 day average.
The last time the 50 day average was above the 200 day average on ARKK was May (get this) 2021

May 18th, 2023 SPY QQQ DOW IWM

Solid move today on indexes (across the board) including ARKK, which closed back above the 200 day moving average. Continuation higher (likely)

QQQ May 15th, 2023

QQQ Inside day (on lower volume) We saw similar action last week, just before going higher (on increased volume)

IWM May 15th, 2023

IWM Small caps beginning to show more signs of strength, closing above resistance. I’m thinking that considering the overall action in the markets, these likely continue higher.

QQQ May 10th, 2023

Island Reversal (setup) Confirmed