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XLF March 14th, 2023

XLF  Bank Stocks  Observation only.   I have no position in bank stocks.   Sell off is extreme and maybe overdone. Though most of the bank stocks I was watching closed off the highs and below the market open price, these could continue higher now. This higher high, higher low is a good start. That said follow through is needed to better confirm strength.  See what tomorrow brings us.

QQQ March 13th, 2023

QQQ  Chart updated during market hours.  Though the bank stocks continue to sell off and other major indexes today havn ‘t been able to hold their gains, QQQ looks strong; pushing back above both the 50 and 200 day moving average. Also note here the 50 day average is now arched upward, above the 200 day moving average. Not a small thing.

QQQ March 3rd, 2023

QQQ A strong move, well above the 200 day moving average after this failed breakdown  Continuation higher, likely.

QQQ March 1st, 2023

QQQ  Hammer candlestick.  Retest of the 200 day moving average.  Ideally want to see this stay above. All about follow through now.

QQQ Feb 7th, 2023

QQQ Weekly chart update.  It’s only Tuesday but this action is already starting to nicely confirm the expectation to go higher. See charts below. Wouldn’t be surprised to now see it test this higher gap, and perhaps then some.

QQQ Jan 20th,. 2023

QQQ Weekly chart is attention getting, with a higher high, higher low and closing back above the 200 day moving average on increased volume.

IWM January 10th, 2023

IWM Small caps. Reversal setup with good initial confirmation. This close back above the 50 day moving average is attention getting. And given the overall action on the major indexes, along with select individual stocks, believe this is likely to now continue higher. See what we get.

SPY January 6th, 2023

SPY Gap filled, with continuation. 50 day moving average key. Bullish follow through could push this higher to potentially fill this higher gap and/or test the 200 day moving average. Will likely take time and/or volume to stay above if that occurs.

Caution  There are still bearish overtones and so sometimes what appears to be a buy signal and/or breakout above a key moving average can quickly turn into sell signals. I continue to trade with smaller positions at this time.

VIX January 6th, 2023

VIX This consistent rejection at lower points of resistance, since filling the gap above on December 22nd is telling me that bulls are starting to gain some traction going into this new year.

DIA Nov 25th, 2022

DOW A strong move since October.  See more below…