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SPY Nov 13th, 2019

Strong upward trend that could certainly continue higher …and produce a fear of missing out effect. Hungry buyers that don’t want to miss out on the rally. That combined with short cover could bring things higher (fast)

EEM Oct 25th, 2019


Oct 3rd, 2019

SPY Oct 8th, 2019

SPY Oct 10th, 2019

SPY Oct 3rd, 2019

SPY Sept 24th, 2019

SPY Sept 11th, 2019 Daily chart

SPY Sept 5th, 2019 Weekly chart

IWM Sept 9th, 2019

IWM Sept 10th, 2019 Chart update

Confirming bullish above the 50 day moving average. Expecting higher

XLF Sept 9th, 2019

Bank stocks also continue to confirm the bullish move in the overall market