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VIX Oct 23rd, 2020

Indicating that there’s no real fear in the market.

IYT Oct 23rd, 2020

Transportation sector continue to uptrend nicely

SPY Oct 7-8 2020

This bullish gap up is compelling

A strong move today, breaking through this significant point of resistance and could sent the market higher

SPY Oct 5th, 2020

Breaking out above significant point of resistance today

IWM Oct 5th, 2020

That didn’t take long. Nice continuation. Updated from Friday. 10-02-2020 See chart below.

IWM Oct 2nd, 2020

Lower open but bulls took control right out of the opening gate, closing above the 50 day moving average on increased volume. I’m thinking continuation higher is likely.

QQQ Oct 2nd, 2020 Weekly chart

Weekly chart Overall action still looks bullish to me. Bull flag setup

SPY Oct 1st, 2020

This “falling wedge” setup is attention getting as the market looks like it’s about ready to turn around here.

SPY Sept 12th, 2020

Market is starting to show the most weakness that I’ve seen since the rally started in April,2020 We’re seeing bounces but many stocks continue to lack good follow through. This is no time to be complacent. Note RSI green/blue

SPY Sept 9th, 2020

A good move today, pushing back above resistance