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QQQ May 27th, 2022

Reversal signal confirming nicely, pushing back above resistance showing us we likely continue higher. That said, it’s not likely to keep going straight up with resistance overhead, especially around the 50 day moving average and so will take this one day at a time and locking in some profit into any significant rally.


QQQ May 20th, 2022

After such a significant sell off, this Hammer candlestick (on increased volume) with a green close today is telling me this may have been a failed breakdown and a point of a reversal for the market.. Lookin for a green close on Monday to better confirm the setup and likelihood to continue higher.

QQQ May 6th, 2022

I’m thinking we likely get a bounce next week but I’m mostly focused more on individual stocks; especially ones that have performed relatively well despite the overall negativity in the stock market last week. i.e. ABC LMT AMD ABBV

IWM March 17th, 2022

Small caps now trading back above the 50 day moving average.
The last time this closed above that was on Nov 23rd Not a small thing

SPY March 15th, 2022

Closed back above the 10 day moving average today. This being the 3rd day in a row that the market has gapped up telling me probability is increasing for a bottom to be put in. Should know more after FOMC tomorrow.

XLF March 15th, 2022

Bank stocks. Closed back above the 10 day moving average today.  Looking like a failed breakdown. Potential reversal setup  I’m thinking, likely.

QQQ March 4th, 2022

Rejected at resistance. 50 day average now under the 200 day average. Lower highs, lower low and could go lower  I’m thinking, likely.

SPY Feb 24th, 2022

This (red to green) move on big volume telling me a bottom may be in. All about follow through now.

SPY Jan 31st, 2022

Nice continuation after closing back above the 200 day average Friday

SPY Jan 28th, 2022

Weekly chart Last weeks bounce is attention getting (with volume) Now see if we’re able to get some follow through