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GLD Sept 27th, 2019

GLD Sept 30th, 2019 Chart update

Confirmed weakness. Seeing no reason to be long and could end up going substantially lower.


GLD Sept 25th, 2019

GDX Sept 25th, 2019

GDX Sept 25th, 2019   Chart update

Confirming weakness and bullish for JDST DUST

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GDX Sept 20th, 2019

GDX Sept 17th, 2019 Chart update  During market hours

Strong and thinking gold and silver stocks continue higher. Potential breakout stocks.

GDX Sept 17th, 2019

Liking this reversal attempt (while its still low) just pushing above initial resistance here.

GDX Sept 17th, 2019 Chart update EOD

NOTE A good move today on gold however keep in mind the FOMC announcement tomorrow at 2:00 PM EST and will likely affect price. Extreme volatility is not unusual.

GLD Sept 13th, 2019

Monthly chart  Rejected at resistance.

See just below (along with other charts and commentary) to get the bigger picture on gold.

GLD Sept 7th, 2019 

Monthly chart

As you can see from this chart below (that was posted to the public) this line of resistance was in question, well before the sell off this week. Though gold did push through, it was too high, too fast. Understand it’s not unusual at all for a stock to retrace after it’s first attempt to break through such points. That being said, I wouldn’t be in a hurry to try and guess how low this goes now. Often times stocks can (and do) pullback more than we expect. For now we’re focused on other stocks showing good strength in the stock market.

So after being bullish so long, why did I get bearish on earlier on this week?  See more below on GDX (the setup)


GDX Sept 5th, 2019

GDX Sept 9th, 2019 Chart update

Confirming weakness

GDX Sept 12th, 2019 Chart update



GDX August 27th, 2019

Continues to look very strong. Expecting higher.

GLD August 20th, 2019

GLD August 23rd, 2019 Chart update

Breakout confirmed.

GLD August 26th, 2019  Chart update Monthly chart

Indicating this run could certainly continue higher