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GDX July 1st, 2020

Closed slightly lower today but overall action still looks bullish, bouncing off this key level of support here.

GLD June 30th, 2020

Breakout confirming; hitting a new 52 week high today.

GDX June 20th, 2020

This move today (above resistance) on increased volume telling me this could now go higher. Balloon top Raindrop showing most buying occurred near the highs throughout the day.

GLD June 19th, 2020 EOD

A solid move on increased volume today and could potentially breakout of this trading range next week to go to higher levels.

GDX June 19th, 2020

Confirming expectation, breaking through the 50 day moving average at 33.43 I’m thinking continuation higher (potential breakout) likely.

GDX June 15th, 2020

Showing good strength, pushing back above its 50 day moving average at 32.86

GLD June 8th, 2020

A subtle but good initial move on gold and now looking for above the 50 day moving average at 159.74 to better confirm the likelihood for this to move higher. Note the trading range

GDX June 8th, 2020

GDX May 26th, 2020 Weekly chart

After a 10 week rally I’m thinking this is due for a correction.
Also worth noting that GDX closed under its 20 day moving average EMA today. This is the 1st time that’s happened since April 2nd.

GDX May 21st, 2020

Closed lower today but signaling bullish, closing above this key (green) trend line.